Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BENADOR: For First Time, American Children worse off than Parents

My comments are a product of many years studies, years of experience working with the American, European and Middle Eastern intellectual and political elite, which I represented as head of Benador Associates.  
It is also the result of my intermittent work, during almost five years within the Muslim world, until they found out I was a Jew (by that, I mean they would not have minded if I was a Chomsky-Jew.  But I am an observant, modern orthodox Jew who loves her G-d, who loves the Land of Israel and who loves her people.)
As there is an increasing will by the masses to fight what is called the "elites", I stress that there is a need for highly educated groups to guide our youth, to inspire them to work and become better people.  
Knowledge and experience are important. 
What the masses are doing now, is basically repeating information -but, how can they guide or stir public opinion...  because in communication, in media, "this" is what's important:  Work with public opinion.   
And, I am only mentioning one example of what's needed in media and communications. 

Some say they "help" the cause and make phone calls, send emails, fill forms, but when asked what's the efficiency of those, the answer is failure, because it's pure self-service -they only do it to feel 'well', 'useful', even though the success rate does not matter to them at all. 

That's not to work for the cause.  That's to work individualistically.  

And, individualism is what's killing America the country -and at the same time is saving the lives of those who hold on to their lives so much, that the fact that their own children are in a most chaotic situation does not even worry them.  

Indeed, in the past people use to worry about their actions or inactions and the result that would represent in next generations. 

Nowadays, we don't have that luxury anymore.  

The results of our inaction are being suffered by our own children, because they are the ones who, despite having just finished college and having a degree, in the end have no jobs.  

The behavior of American parents is deplorable.  They are abandoning their own children to a future where, for the first time in the History of America, your children are already now, worse off than their parents...  you.  

Under normal circumstances, parents are ready to give their lives for the well-being of their children. 

Now, American parents are first thinking of their own well-being.  And, we cannot be surprised, for this  superficial, individualistic society now begins at home. 

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