Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BENADOR: Devastating News for The American Family

Devastating news that 40% of mothers are the breadwinners in households with children, announce social disaster looming in America.

Mothers who are absent from home and working, will change the social fabric in the direction of the leftist leadership worldwide who knows perfectly well that the bond mother-son is at the root existence of a way of life, where values of G-d, country and family nurture the feeling of belonging to one's own, to one's community and to one's country.

In all, the mother-child bond is the indestructible link that helps keep societies cohesive, that together with the fathers keep the solid family nucleus alive.  One that will produce the good men and women who will secure the future of a country.

This is in total opposition to the view of globalists whose goal is to bring down all barriers for the purpose of their vision of a global world, without borders in every possible sector of life, that begins with the destruction of the family and most specifically, with the bond mother-child, as you can understand from the video "Children of the State." 

This Administration has promoted and facilitated abortion, the pill at work, homosexual marriage, and they are not about to stop in front of anything along their path of destruction.  As such, immigration policies are being enhanced so people from other countries come to live and work.

It is all part of the globalist agenda to disfigure each country, remove its traditions and its uniqueness, all for the purpose of globalization whose only goal is to create one only country on the globe.  Do not believe for a second that globalists will not be able to handle it.  Theirs is a long term project that began last century and may well take them up to two centuries to complete, but they are up to the task and are keen in succeeding.  They have the necessary patience and perseverance to achieve their goals because after almost one hundred years, their progress is obvious.

What would be the antidote?  For one, to make as many children as possible, in America, but in every other country in the world.  But, then the problem would be what education would all those children receive from a malignant cancer such as globalism?  Homeschooling might be the only solution to save the American children from the liberal cancer.

Motherhood is a full-time job in itself, and as such, governments should pay mothers a salary.   Case in point, in America, the Obama Administration via Kerry are giving 4 billion dollars to the Palestinians, naturally to promote terrorism.  Those 4 billion of American dollars, should be best spent paying a salary to American mothers for their work at home.  That would be forward-thinking and true social progress within the realm of capitalism. 

Those who dismiss this problem, will do it at their own peril because, as mother-child bond is broken, so will be broken the bond from Americans to America.  It is already happening, just look at those liberal anti-Americans.   Just what Mr. Obama wants.


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