Thursday, May 23, 2013

BENADOR: Obama Administration: the Benghazi Cover-Up

With the calculated cruelty shown in the Benghazi tragedy and now clear to the American people, seems that the American Administration has been put on check.  

It is no surprise, therefore, that the AP and IRS affairs have known the light.  And, that as of yesterday, Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced that the Administration has killed four American nationals, within their counterterrorist activities. 

Each step of this disclosure has a note, a hidden message to the psyche of the American public. 

At the very beginning of his letter, Holder affirms that "the Administration has provided an unprecedented level of transparency..."  This is intended as a code for the American people, 'your Administration tells you the truth in everything... including in Benghazi...'

Holder, and Obama behind him, shoot another hint directed to you: "The Administration is determined to continue these extensive outreach efforts to communicate with the American people."  With that, they are targeting each of you, they want to make believe the American people are not only observers but somehow also participants in the process.  Another mode in the strategy which is obvious now that they have set themselves, to undermine your resolve and your beliefs in the real defining case in their fates: Benghazi. 

As the Washington Post reports: 

So, Anwar al-Awlaki and his son were killed by American drones.  These are Muslim terrorists, how come they are listed as Americans?  And, then we learn that al-Awlaki was born in a place I have never heard of, and probably neither have you, Las Cruces, New Mexico, the United States of America.  In Las Cruces, there are two active and flourishing mosques,  Islamic Center of Las Cruces and Las Cruces, Islamic Center -different addresses. Naturally, one of them even has its Facebook page. 

They are so militant that their desire to integrate will only stop when they have conquered America, with the unconditional help of the democrats. 

Jude Kenan Mohammad, another Muslim terrorist, has no birth certificate available, but appears as American Citizen. 

In all, while Americans, the four killed have been of the Islamic faith.  As a margin note, this is a blow for those who want to stubbornly separate Islam from its 10 to 15% population practicing terrorism and all those who silently approve of that.

A chilling uneasiness runs through our veins that "those" could also be called citizens of America.

But, that has been the purpose of the liberal democratic leadership, to impose on decent Americans that there are, and from now  there will continue to be, in our midst, this kind of elements and that we are no longer better than others, because savagery has been accepted without any opposition by the so-called 'decent' -but painfully, indifferent- Americans. 

American Exceptionalism is something the rotten leftists abhor.  They wanted to destroy it and no one has opposed that.

It is sad to think that the intensity of their will to destroy America's Exceptionalism could find no crushing match in the love of true Americans for their Exceptionalism. 

So, yes, the American Administration has killed four Americans.  

And, we are starting to forget the other, true, decent Americans that were slaughtered in Benghazi. 

Courtesy of the American-elected Obama Administration. 

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