Friday, May 24, 2013

BENADOR: Why do Liberals Attack the Family?

Liberals worldwide are on a crusade against Judeo-Christian values.  Whether it is against G-d, against country or against family, their goal is to enslave this part of the world.  In order to do so, they will not stop in front of any tradition.

Atheists, liberals have no G-d and want to stop the world from having One.  They have ordered removal of crosses from schools, no prayers in solemn occasions,   no religious burials for the military, even no mention of G-d as 9/11 is commemorated every year, and there is more. 

As we are seeing, individual countries under their sight, must disappear, leaving room to their twisted global agenda of the world, to the greatest detriment of each country's existence. They are so concentrated in their vested interests, that they are not even aware of the newest discoveries regarding the universe.  

In order to achieve turning the world upside down, liberals needed to attack the innermost fundamental pillar that keeps intact the identity of Western Civilization: The Family.  And they have been methodic and systematic in the realization of this goal, they have thought of everything: From impeding the birth of more national babies, imposing the distribution of the pill in work places using for that their own medical care; facilitating abortion at all possible stages, 

In fact: "Every single day, a silent horror kills more Americans than were killed on 9/11.  Every single year, this silent horror kills about as many Americans as have been killed on all the battlefields in all of the wars in U.S. history combined.  This silent horror is called abortion, and it is a national disgrace.  Overall, more than 50 million babies have been slaughtered since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973."

If instead of killing those babies, they would have been respected and allowed to live, it goes without saying that America now would have been in another place altogether.  And, for one, there would have been no need for immigration in this -or in any country in the world that is going through the same ordeal.  

The next step in their crusade against the family nucleus has been the promotion of homosexuality to their top priority. Homosexual marriage has been introduced and is being adopted, shaking the mere ground of the family.  They began removing from passports and other official documents, the mention of father and mother, replacing them for partner one and partner two.  Then we knew what the road ahead would look like. 

In their new rotten world, children are now with two fathers and no mother or two mothers and no father.  

Sure, the rights of homosexuals count.  But, in the weight of a principled life, a balanced home with a father and a mother is irreplaceable.  

In Chicago, they have already approved a course to teach kindergartners, 5-year olds, that one can get married with anyone.  

Such a move should open the eyes of Americans, because in doing so, liberals are admitting that homosexuality is NOT natural but it has to be taught.

Liberals have had a very specific agenda to demoralize the West, and by destroying the traditional family, they succeeded in killing individualism thus making it easier for the government to take over the education of children.  It will be in the end a sort of quid pro quo: Homosexuals gave them the power, the government gave them a legal status, so in exchange, the new "parents" will have to "give something back," their children, to the state.

Consolidating their victories, the Department of Justice policy of promiscuity has set a special outreach promoting their favorable policy encouraging their LGBT employees to come forward and present themselves to the light.  

 The puzzling situation of liberals homosexual agenda runns parallel to and facilitates the one of  world domination by the Muslim world.   While liberals promote homosexuality and promiscuity, the Muslim family is so intrinsic to their existence, that one can but wonder what role will homosexuals play in that equation?  After all, sentencing homosexuals to death and beheading, is common in the Muslim world.   

A day ago, a shocked London witnessed a brutal, in daylight, beheading by hatchet of the innocent father of a 2-year old. As time passes, and the Muslim agenda solidifies in the West, this will have been a first in the long string of such terrifying events to happen.  It is sure that homosexuals will be a target group for the Islamists' religious violence. 

And, as our societies will be attacked from all fronts, the enemies know that we will no longer be able to count on strong men to defend us.  

This asymmetrical war has planted the enemies trojan horses inside our midst, and our loss of values and principles, has undermined our resilience and our resolve.   


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