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By Eliana Benador

Where did Shirley Temple’s innocence go?  

Where is Ms Scarlett O’hara, with the beauty and the romance of those times?.  

What about Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins times of innocence?

Where did it also go, the stamina and grace of a Miss Sophia Loren?

How we miss the beauty and elegance of Grace Kelly; the depth, gentleness and class of Audrey Hepburn,  

Long lost are those times of natural and transparent freshness of real women.  

At the beginning of the last century, the Left understood that the best way to dismantle capitalism and the West, was to target the family nucleus, so they asked their theoreticians to scheme ways to achieve their goals.  

Communists found that it was the mother’s proximity to her children, that transmitted the ‘conservative’ bug that would carry on for generations.  

Facilitated by the notion of “emancipation” they inoculated in the minds of women, the state began separating mothers from their children, and took over their education, manipulating at will, the next generation.  It resulted in the presence of current generations of rabid, misled and misleading leftists.

Everything was carefully orchestrated, and so it continues to be until this day.

In order to achieve their goal, more complex moves were needed and, indeed, they did not stop at anything.

Feminism produced the women’s liberation movement . The invention of the pill conveniently took place.  And with it, sexual liberation began enslaving and corrupting the minds of the youth.  

The XXIst century continues witnessing a steep rise in divorce, the promotion of the LGBT agenda, homosexual marriage and the governmental banalization of abortion.

With the flourishing of the internet technology, society has been submitted to an unprecedented attack on the male and female population.  Such prowesses include an abundance of apps that banalize and promote licentiousness among teenagers.  

So far this year, 81 percent of Internet-using teenagers in America reported being active on social-networking sites, a much larger participation than ever before.

As such, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as new dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, and Blendr have increasingly become key elements in social interactions, both online and in real life (IRL).

Distressingly, the internet is not only providing easy access to ‘viewing’ sex, but the goal of smartphone apps, is to make it easy to have sex, as it facilitates finding sex partners, for casual encounters.

In the words of a New York teenage boy, “Nowadays you can do it so easy. There are so many apps and bleep that just, like, hand you the girls. They don’t even know that’s what they’re doing, but really they’re just giving teenagers ways to have sex.”

Meanwhile, a teenage girl’s comment shows her disarray:  “Social media is destroying our lives.”  Asked why doesn’t she gets off it, the answer pierces the atmosphere:  “Because then we would have no life.”
Exposed to such individuals as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian as role models, girls are “inspired” to emulate them.  Thus, social media is contributing to make things worse for American teenagers.  More signs of depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation, bullying, are causing substance addiction, alcohol abuse and even deaths.
According to a 2008 study in Cyber Psychology and Behavior, 93 percent of boys and 62 percent of girls have seen Internet porn before they turn 18.  It is known how images of porn can damage a child's mind and make it normal to have sex with random strangers.
The sex app market is booming among American inventions, and it is no surprise to find that The latest American import, Tinder, and others are going global and are also transforming the British dating scene. Telegraph’s Katy Balls suggested Tinder was actually making it easy, mostly for teenagers, to have sex with strangers.

Such abundance may be the symptom of a coordinated effort to silently undermine the minds and safety of future generations by the eternal enemy, the Left.  

In its origins, the advocacy of women’s rights reflected a power struggle where  feminists distanced themselves from traditional women roles, to come closer to that of men.  

As women masculinized themselves, feminists ultimate power quest, has been in the realm of sex, where men play a key role of physically being able to decide with whom, what, how, where and when.  

Thus communist women in their longing to be “equal” to men, took “control of their bodies” -and they began deciding with whom, what, how, where and when.  They managed to turn sex into their symbol of power and control.

As far as teenagers are concerned, after high school, their media-enhanced sexual behavior will go on in college campuses. Young and ambitious women will mostly choose not be tied down by a steady relationship and they continue hooking up randomly even though far from satisfying, especially for women.  

An increasing number of women, not men, are complaining of lack of orgasm in casual hookup situations. No wonder.  The likely reason for it being that no matter how ‘liberated’ women may think they are, their nature demand the key missing element: Romance.  

The Left continue to be highly organized and devoted to the cause.  

For over a century they had a plan to destroy Western Capitalism via the destruction of the family and undermining the role of the mother.  

With perseverance, they are still sticking to it.  

It is not far-fetched to venture that it may be the Left who are behind the abundance of sex apps in another push to change the behavioral pattern of Western societies.

The real problem, however, is the lack of a similar militancy in the conservative ranks to defend conservative values, not only in America, but also worldwide.  

It is because of such weakness, that, with impunity, the Left can infiltrate Western societies and implant their lethal cells which will slowly develop and blossom, quietly targeting the integrity of upcoming Western generations who, along the road, will have lost their self-respect and the dignity pertaining to human beings.  .  

The perennial attack on innocence continues and will not stop in front of anything.  

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Eliana Benador is a global strategist, a political operative and a human rights activist. She has been the founder of Benador Associates. She has represented dissidents abroad from Iraq, Iran, the Copts and others. Her blog isEliana's Choice. You may follow her on Twitter, join her fan page on Facebook and you may find her also on LinkedIn.

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