Sunday, January 12, 2014


Ariel Sharon... His name only brings Gush Katif to my mind. 
The author of the expulsion of Jews. He ordered the young Jewish soldiers of the IDF to evict Jewish families from their homes, babies were crying in the middle of the night. Soldiers cried as they had to do that.
Obviously their mothers did not prepare them. They did not do what I did.
I said: As your mother, I am highest ranking than any General in the army. So, listen to me: You are FORBIDDEN to evict any Jew or to touch any Jew. Rather jail than do that. And, if that, G d forbid should happen, I will take care of freeing you.
Thank G d, it did not come to that.
A Jew does not turn his/her back on another Jew.
And, as for the world, we are here to bring Light and to help make it a better world.
So, for me, no matter how others may think he was a great war hero, but for me, Ariel Sharon means the pain of Gush Katif... Many of the Jews he evicted are until now with no homes.
Justice is in Gd's Hands. I only remember FACTS.
And, it is important to remember that so that Netanyahu and others not be tempted to continue that line, because when leaders free terrorists who murdered and butchered innocent Jews in the Land of Israel, then they will have no qualms evicting more Jews, in the heartless way that Sharon did in Gush Katif.
Please, do not come attacking me for my position. I am not forcing anyone to think like me. This is MY page, so I write my opinions.
And, this time, as I post this and the photos witnessing this horror, my tears are rolling down, because it simply breaks my heart.
Let G d's Justice be done.

Eliana  Batsheva Benador

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