Friday, October 5, 2012

BENADOR: Parashat V'zot HaBrachah - And this is the Blessing


This is a very special erev Shabbat, when we will finish the reading cycle of our Torah, corresponding to the past year, 5772.
While this is the end, there is no time to get sad, because in just a  few days, on Simchat Torah, we will begin a new cycle, with Parashat Bereishit.
On this 54th and last week of the Jewish year, it's time to read Parashat V'zot HaBrachah.  It means, "And this is the Blessing."
Indeed, in this Parashah, G-d gives His Blessing to both, His Chosen Children, the Jewish People, and the land He gave to us: The Land of Israel.
In this same Reading, Moshe blesses our twelve tribes and he passes away, unable to see the Promised Land...  result of some doubts Moshe had during the trip...
May G-d bless Moshe's memory...
In Parashat V'zot HaBrachah, we find that its very last word and also the last word of the Torah, is Israel...
That's how precious the Divine Land is to the One who gave it to us.  And this, should serve as a sign for the Jews to be G-d-abiding-people, or else.
We, Jews, are expected to live in the Land of Israel under G-d's Rule, following and observing His Commandments and His Laws.  Now, a question:  Is that happening in the Land of Israel nowadays?  Answer:  NO.  Not at all.
Also, the last letter of Israel, which is as well the last letter in the Torah, is the letter lamed.  Now, if we place the last letter, lamed, together with the very first letter in the Torah, beit, from Bereshit, we get the word Lev, which means heart...  reminding us of mercy, compassion because G-d in His Infinite Love, shows patience, mercy and compassion -to a limit, when transgression becomes persistent.
So, from the first word in the Torah: Bereshit, in the beginning -to the last word in the Torah, Israel, G-d is sending us a message:  One day, when Jews will actually obey G-d's Commandments as they appear in the Torah, G-d will begin making visible miracles for His Children, for the whole world to see.  And, it is then, that mankind in its entirety will completely abandon all kind of idolatry to follow the Holy One.
Unified under His Rule, we will unite one day.
As His Children, following His Commandments, will make us in His Image, gentle and strong, worthy of being the Children of G-d.
As we see how important is Israel in the eyes of G-d, this should also serve as a warning to the enemies of Israel that whoever has ill-will on His Land, will face the Wrath of G-d, nothing less.
May G-d bless His Chosen Children, the Jewish people, and the land He gave to us: the Land of Israel, now and forever...
Shabbat shalom, my Jewish mishpocha...

On this special occasion when we celebrate Parashat V'zot HaBrachah, I have chosen a picture of the ancient Aleppo Codex, which transliterated in Hebrew is: Keter Aram Tzova.  It is a medieval bound manuscript of our Torah.  The codex was written in the 10th century of the common era.  The codex has long been considered to be the most authoritative document in the masorah (transmission), the tradition by which our Torah has been preserved from generation to generation...

Shabbat shalom v'chag Sameach


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