Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BENADOR: Tonight in Denver, A Must-Win for Romney, A Must-Win for America

Tonight, two men are going to face each other and roll out the time of truth for America.  They are as opposite as black and white -and no racism intended there, only the reality of our situation.

Candidate Obama is running to get more time to continue with the destruction of America, inside and outside -because no one can deny the destruction this man has inflicted on our country.

His has been a time of psychological terror against the American people.  His laws and executive orders have passed uncontested by Congress and by the American population.

Obama's evil has made endless victims, among them have been millions of unemployed, our patriotic soldiers that are being killed while no one is complaining or to defend our men and women killed cowardly instead of being KIA or killed in action.  Obama has also imposed the largest government ever, and has produced the worst bankruptcy ever in the history of the United States.  He, who was supposed to stop the war, has rather continued it -as that has been another way to continue bankrupting us.  Under normal circumstances, his list of malfeasance and plain treason against our country should have even disqualified him from standing at that podium tonight.

Romney, on the other hand, is a man of God.  He has been a pastor and a bishop.  His altruism is evident and obvious, and has been witnessed by thousands throughout his entire life.

Married to Ann, the Romneys have had four children and have  eighteen grandchildren.  Precisely the example Americans need to follow: make endless American babies for the glory of our country.

Actually, Romney's position is so strong, that American patriots, whether democrats or republicans, need only look around and see their now meager means disappear within blitz seconds from their pockets, to realize that the man that will appear in front of the most unknown candidate ever, is the man holding a silver platter offering us his life to save our country.

Obama's nefarious record is huge like the Kilimanjaro and it's enough to make him such an unfit contender, that he should be rather in prison for treason now and not at the University of Denver podium tonight.

Romney's belief in God, Country and Family, has the most powerful ally by his side: God Himself, to stop evildoing to our beloved America.

Now, let me pray to God:

May Obama make drastic and unforgivable mistakes on that podium.

May Romney speak loud and clear the Truth of God to defend America.

May God bless this beautiful, exceptional country with the right leader to bring a renewal and betterment of traditional American values.

May God bless America.


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