Monday, October 29, 2012

BENADOR: The Wrath of God

Sandy is now inexorably approaching the East Coast of the United States of America. The whole region has been brought to a standstill.  It is the strongest storm ever in the Northeastern United States.  

We, who believe in God, believe that He is the Mightiest, Unimaginable Force who created everything that we know and that what we do not know.  He is the Creator of the beyond imaginable immense Universe, as the tiny atoms that form everything living on Earth, just as the cells that form the blood of every living being on this world. 

In last Shabbat's Parashat Noach, we read:

"Now the earth was corrupt before God, and the earth became full of robberyAnd God saw the earth, and behold it had become corrupted, for all flesh had corrupted its way on the earth.  And God said to Noah, "The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth has become full of robbery because of them, and behold I am destroying them from the earth.  Make yourself an ark..."  Bereishit/Genesis 6-14 

What do we have in common with the times of Noah?

The generation of the flood was obsessed with hedonism and the pursuit of pleasure -which implied that such environment made impossible to follow the Law of God which demands will and discipline.  

As I have repeated always, God created the universe and our world with very specific parameters:  There is ORDER everywhere you turn, whether in the galaxies or in the atoms or in our bodies and, yes, in the animals as well. 

The first time a man commits a wrong, he feels guilty, but if he repeats that act often enough, his conscience will no longer bother him and eventually, he will see himself as a paragon of virtue.  And that's the way that immorality, decadence, degeneracy and corruption can become an accepted way of life and are no longer considered sinful and wrong.  

So has our generation turn to be, by embracing instant self-gratification as the ultimate goal in life, and so has our culture embraced hedonism, immorality and corruption -to such a degree that what is wrong is now considered right. 

But, why would God send Sandy now, almost a week, day by day, before the American elections?  And why to the Northeast coast?

Well, I am going to venture the explanation taking in consideration past experience:

It's obvious that God wanted us to succeed in this life and make this a beautiful harmonious and kind world.  But mankind has squandered that opportunity.

And, what does God do to let us know He is not happy with us?  He sends floods, He sends earthquakes. And more.

But why?

Elections are coming.  Americans have allowed the destruction of a country that was the lighthouse to the Western world.  And, as elections approach, Americans are not defined in what's best for their country.   They are "doubting".  

Americans have allowed the moral corruption of their country, the total attack on their collective soul.  Thus, Americans are just like the people who surrounded Noah...

How can Americans even doubt for whom to vote, when their own children and grandchildren will not even have jobs to earn money and feed their families?  Why is that even a question?  

Four Americans have been brutally killed and there is NO ONE complaining.  And, there are still those who are doubting for whom to vote.  Why is that even a question?

Something is definitely wrong. 

A Divine Attack on the corrupt Northeast American coast is sad but understandable.  This is, after all, the region that has destroyed the holy institution of marriage, created by God Himself.  

So, whoever attacks God's Commandments, pays.  And all around them, guilty or not, all may end up paying.    

But, despite seeing the moral corruption of people at the time of the righteous Noah, God gave him and his family, the opportunity to leave, together with animals, as per God's Instructions, so he could have a good new beginning by learning acts of kindness as they had to take care of their animals. 

Such acts of chesed, of loving kindness, are what this world should be made of.  But never endangering one's life or that of our loved ones.  Safety and security are before everything.  Once those two are achieved, comes chesed -loving kindness. 

As King David wrote: "Olam Chessed Yibonah..."  The world is built upon the foundation of loving kindness.

But, kindness has to be between us and from us to God.  

And, God has not been obeyed.  

Now it's time to deal with God's Wrath...  

May God Compassionate be Merciful...  


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