Thursday, October 4, 2012

BENADOR: Romney's Win is above all, America's Win

Well, I am beaming just as I think the majority of Americans are, and just as I can imagine the whole world is...

And, that, has been God's Will, to bring a candidate who is a man of God, a man of Country and a man of Family.

America's comeback is here.  We don't have to wait anymore.  What we witnessed in last night's debate was a display for the world to see, of what American Exceptionalism has been and will be again.

At the podium, there were two Harvard educated men.

One of them got in Harvard because of his color.

The other got in Harvard because he was among the best students, from a wealthy family and still with his blood boiling to be the best.

And, we could see the difference.   The one who received what he has, was a failure because he was inept to answer, he was incompetent in his delivery and he had been nefarious to our country from day one.

Already when Obama, the spoiled brat with no manners, sent the Churchill bust to England, we could see how deplorably we were going to be represented in the world arena, and how humiliated we were going to be by this nobody who became president thanks to the evil-will from some fake Americans who delight in hating America.

But last night, the brilliance of Romney was matched by his willingness to save our country, to give dignity to our poor and a chance to succeed in business to our youth and small business owners, to educate our youth just as he has in his home state where he was Governor, Massachusetts.

Last night, we touched Real Hope, the hope that will bring the best for our country even in these difficult times of misery in which Obama and his people have tried to drown us in.

And, when America will be again the superpower of the world, it's the whole world that will benefit, because America's well-being has always resulted in the world's well-being.

It's not about taking from the rich to give to the poor.  It's about everyone having the same opportunity to work and have a decent life, with dignity and respect.   And Romney promised jobs, and we can believe him, because he did it in Massachusetts and in his own business.

Romney's delivery was just beyond anything imaginable.  His incredible memory to give all numbers at the right time, his conviction of doing what's right for our country...  All of that, has turned Obama-voters into America-voters: Romney voters.

Romney's success is not his personal success only.

Romney's win is above all, America's win. E


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