Sunday, May 22, 2011


A whopping 80% Jews in America not only voted for Obama but also contributed massively to his election campaign even when his pro-Israel and pro-Jewish credentials had yet to be proven.

As it is, last week, Obama betrayed the very existence of the State of Israel and, as presidential candidate Herman Cain said, threw Israel under the bus, thus endangering the mere existence of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide whose enemies have been given the green light to jeopardize the existence of that tiny land.

Today's news "Top Jewish Americans ponder support for Obama..."

But, what is there to ponder!

The man has now simply and plainly, first of all, removed himself, if not 'de jure' then 'de facto', from the eternal ally America has had since its independence -and he is choosing to side with the Muslim world.

I know that business and personal interest as well as a plethora of over-grown egos come across our paths, but, truthfully, the love of G-d and the love of Israel and their defense as well as the defense of 11 million Jews worldwide depend on all of us, Jews who are committed to that defense.

Defending Israel is not compulsory by any length. It is done with the heart and the soul of those just as those young volunteers who join the IDF -because as the one close to my heart said: "I must be with them..."

The Love of Israel has no price tag.

As a matter of fact, there is no way the IDF would give a job to any mercenary, that's simply unthinkable.

That's why, I regret that PM Netanyahu lowered his head when he had to say NO to the unconceivable demand and betrayal with which Mr. Obama stabbed in the heart of Israel.

WE have and continue to do everything we can to be good for mankind.

So, Jews must keep their pride and their conviction that no one is doing them any favor, on the contrary, we have been and always continue to be at the service of the world.

We must continue to fulfill G-d's expectations of us, the Chosen people, and that's not simply a title -it comes with a heavy challenge that we have picked up millenium after millenium, with joy, pride, inspiration and devotion.

There is everything for us to stand tall.

And, Jews, whether liberal or conservatives, reform, conservatives or orthodox, must make sure that they get the president's message: destruction of Israel.

And, we must act accordingly.

Booing the president of the United States for wanting to destroy Israel and siding with the side of evil, is a very civilized reaction.

And, stop funding Obama is the least the whole Jewish American community must do.

And to do so, only follow your conscience.

Be'etzrat HaShem

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is the representative of the Shomron Liaison Office in the United States

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