Sunday, May 8, 2011


When G-d created man he gave him a woman to love and to honor, to share and rejoice... and to make children out of their love.

When G-d created woman, He placed her children right in her womb, to carry with her 9-months long, so she could actively participate in their creation and most of all in their physical, emotional and spiritual development.

When we, women, give birth to our children, we look with apprehension to a wild world, having hard times delivering our babies from the quasi-total safety of our wombs in the unknown of life.

Sure, parents are both, man and woman. But woman has to be the lioness watching over her cubs ready to protect them against one and all.

Women bear the responsibility of raising her children. Intuition is a key element in the inner life of a woman. That's the key that will guide her instincts in the protection and survival of her children.

Unfortunately, women's liberation movements have, misleadingly, advocated the so-called 'liberation' of women... but, actually, liberation of what...? Liberation of the duties to raise their children and face the obligations of a home.

Sadly, women's liberation movements have promoted a selfish attitude in women who unfortunately have seen the role of Mother in a belittling manner, when in reality they are the ones who create the leaders of a nation or just name it.

That became more obvious to me than ever before during my visits to the Muslim world, where I addressed many times groups of women, especially business leaders.

On those occasions, I challenged those ladies to review the education of their young sons. "Do you want to continue creating generations of men like yours...?" was one of my questions.

Because, by my own experience I was able to overcome most of the unwanted influence and got to raise an amazing child, whose values are those of a great human being -but it was me, the Mother who worked for it. Those are fights that are ours.

You do your best. The rest is in G-d's Hands.

G-d bless all Mothers and allow them to appreciate that wonderful and creative responsibility they are given and entrusted as custodians of the well-being of generations to come.

Leaders are not born. They are made.

And Mothers are instrumental for that endeavor.

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