Sunday, May 22, 2011


In life, every living organism has been given an inner code called the “survival mode.”

Animals have so-called defense mechanisms to protect them from predators, from all kinds of dangers. Chameleons, for instance, can switch their colors according to the environment, so they can wander unnoticed. There is an infinite amount of examples wecould have from the animal kingdom, but let’s concentrate on human species.

Mankind is the ultimate and most developed of all the species.

Individually, each man/woman has been given countless defense mechanisms from which to choose and not endanger themselves–so they can protect themselves and theirs.

For practical reasons and for the purpose of this analysis, let’s consider a society represented as one single entity formed by a collective group of men/women.

As such, the society also has the possibility to count with defense mechanisms, such as keeping an eye alert for any danger coming against that society, any danger that could jeopardize life of part of the group, or even threaten total annihilation.

Thus, when there is an outburst of liberalism like the current one, navigating through different spheres of society at large, one question comes immediately to our mind, ‘are they out their minds?’

Ironically, though a banal question which we frequently borrow from the popular lingo, it does reflect a part of thereality.

The premise here is that a society seen as a whole body, is not perfect as we, individually, were not intended to be either.

Thus, not being perfect, Society has some anomalies, like we have in our own individual bodies. When a society “gets sick,” one possibility is that it may be affected with a kind of “group depression” by which it becomes weakened because the defense mechanisms are no longer active and do not allow to exert the protection of the mere existence of society.

This kind of society depression is mostly characterized by the lala-land attitude, which aims mostly to be amenable to all other societies, in order to please them, in the hope that they will like us so much, that we will have overcome their threats by being nice.

But, let's continue with the similarities to the animal kingdom.

What happens when a beast inthe jungle is wounded? What do the other animals do?

Pitiless, they see an opportunity and grab it to prey on the wounded animal and all of them who are around, end up vulturing around and feast on it.

Society-wise, the same is reproduced. That's how Liberalism could be explained.

Thus, other societies recognize the weakness of the first and will not hesitate to attack.

My premise goes even further.

In a society affected by this kind of depression-provoked liberalism, a suicidal tendency installs in its midst.

At an individual level, people part of this societal phenomenon suffer this extreme societal illness by allowing themselves enter, without even noticing it, feelings of liberalism.

As example of suicidal attitudes one could see these people, for instance, become defenders of peace and naively extend an olive branch –even if over 3,000 human beings had been murdered treacherously in times of peace.

Life does not certainly guarantee immediate satisfaction for any of our wishes. Each wish requires some amount of work, of effort.

When attacked, a society has to make the effort to defend herself, to behave in a manner that the attack as well as the attacker are neutralized in a proportional way to the intensity of the attack lest it places herself at the mercy of a similar or, worse yet, another more lethal attack.

“Survival Mode” thus is the condition sine qua non for our existence.

When “Suicidal Mode” takes over, judgment will be blurred, making it impossible to switch to the “Survival Mode” in the natural, reflective manner that can allow us to overcome a deadly threat.

As a conclusion, it is impossible to attempt to convince someone in this condition to behave as a normal functioning being, with a heightened “Survival Mode”.

The critical issue here is the impossibility of communicating with -let alone convince otherwise- those suicidal minds that are the liberals, because they are unable to understand that to live and have peace on Earth one has to be strong and show it.

The only place where Liberalism could have been welcome was in the Garden of Eden.

Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is the Shomron Liaison Office representative in the United States

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