Sunday, May 1, 2011


WHEN our Republic was created, the system introduced the possibility for any incumbent president to run for a second election.

However, our good and respected Founding Fathers did not have a magical ball to see where the future would go.

They could not have imagined in their wildest dreams the way communications have evolved nowadays, the existence of an ever invasive and easy internet making communications instantly and globally widespread.

Having an incumbent president run for a second election, is something totally unfair and that should be stopped.

Everyday the man is in office, is free advertising, free communication, free Air Force One at his disposition, free airwaves whenever he may feel like it... all promoting his cause to get re-elected.

That, plus, in this case, the whopping 1 billion dollars planned for his actual campaign.

And, in the current case, think of all the measures he has been already taking, be it with immigrants, and all other communities...

This, is not what the Founding Fathers would have given their blessing for. Nor should we do so.

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