Sunday, May 8, 2011


While Obama celebrates catching Bin Laden's swift capture/killing and he uses the outcome for the benefit of his ambitious bid to regain the presidency once more in a row, he conspicuously has been diverting attention exclusively to Al Qaida and to Osama Bin Laden. Why that? Very simple, because he wants to transform this into an issue only between us and al Qaeda and Bin Laden, white washing the responsibility of the Muslim world that by their silence tacitly is accomplice of the vast and constant terrorism they export our way for almost a half a century.

Obama's other weapon is another one, subtle, almost not identified by the majority of Americans who live in permanent lethargic condition.

We read news that "Obama says he told bin Laden assaulters, 'Job well done'"

Excuse me? Assaulters...? That's what he disgracefully calls our super-patriots, those Navy Seals who are the nec plus ultra of manhood, patriot and hero, all combined in each one of them...

And, Americans do not even make any comment about this... How disgraceful, to have a so-called president refer to our heroes like that -and American conservatives who see it as natural...

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